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MX in Iracemápolis

MX Live at Showlivre

MX in Londrina with Ratos de Porão


Quartet closes with Substantial Music, label of the greats of Brazilian music.

Substancial Music label, which has in its cast big names from the national metal like Sepultura, Angra, Almah and Torture Squad, plus other top artists from other musical segments, has signed a contract with the band MX, one of the icons Thrash Brazilian metal at all times.

“Re-Lapse”, consists of classics chosen by fans and will have the following trakclist:
– Dead World
– Mental Slavery
– DarkDream
– Behind His Glasses
– Fighting For The Bastards
– The Guf
– I’ll Bring You With Me
– InViolence
– Jason
– I’ll Be Alive
– Dirty Bitch
– *** Fighting For The Bastards (bonus track  with João Gordo on vocals)


Recognized the importance it had in the Brazilian metal scene , mainly in the 80s and early 90s, the MX is back in the studio after a long gap of inactivity in which its members took the opportunity to dedicate their personal and professional lives . In 2012 the quartet resumed a dream that had lasted for years , and fell on the road doing anthologies and sold-out shows across the country . The receptivity of old and new fans was so warm that dispelled all doubts about the band whether or not to release a new album , and it was there that the idea of making ” Re – Lapse ” , new cd which contains in its repertoire readings of the greatest classics of the band , all chosen by fans in a poll conducted via internet .

” Re – Lapse ” leaves no doubt that the MX still keeps intact the eighties unmistakable footprint and enshrined the play which so perfectly . With the participation of João Gordo in one of the songs , ” Re – Lapse ” is scheduled to hit the stores and bookstores between late April and early May .

Take a tour with the video for ” Dark Dream ” :