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Alexandre began playing in 1984 at ABC region – São Paulo Brazil. In 1985, with thrash metal booming, founded the MX, and at least 2 years gained wide media attention, as drummer / vocalist and especially the evolution of MX.

In 1987, after performing several shows for the ABC region, São Paulo capital and countryside, the MX is hired by Fucker Records label, and invited to participate in the recording of a “LP” Live, recorded at the Teatro Municipal in Santo André entitled Headthrashers Live album, which was the second record Vinyl thrash metal live in Brazil – one of the hallmarks of the style in the country.

The shows became constant and the band grew rapidly, being worshiped by fans all over Brazil – outside the name of the MX also began to emerge in the famous “trade tapes.” In 1988 the MX launches for the first Fucker Records studio album, titled Simoniacal. This album won several awards from the specialized media, including how best band year / band revelation, best cover – and this was done through traditional election by the readers of the magazine Rock Brigade and other renowned journals of the time, always with an emphasis on the positive performance Alexandre as a drummer and vocalist.

This album made the band became one of the most important on the national scene of heavy music also reaching first overseas market (Europe, North America and Oceania). In some countries the MX was among the 10 most requested radio programs specialist, plus articles and interviews in national magazines and abroad.

In 1989 with the release of their third album, Mental Slavery, Alexandre da Cunha was recognized by the specialized media and the public as one of the best drummers of heavy music in the country, the recorded material and the live performances, as well as being the drummer accumulated function vocalist in MX, something very valued performance as drummer given the difficulty in singing and playing fast songs and techniques.

With the wide acceptance of MX, the band was invited to open the tour of great American band TESTAMENT, who came to Brazil for the first time in 1989 – the height of the group that had released the excellent The New Order.

After years without an album recorded and almost without appearing in shows in 1995 and released the record album Again, and in 1998 the album The Last File, excellent both in terms of technique and composition, receiving great acclaim by critics and fans. After all, the distribution was not as strong as it should, which discouraged the musicians …

The MX also participated in other events, such as opening shows for the German band Kreator (which did not attend, but it took a great audience that the show still had Ratos de Porão Sepultura, Necrosis, among others), and MX had the responsibility playing for about 12 thousand people, in three opening acts for American Exodus, who had returned to their classic lineup, bringing the late singer Paul Ballof – and in parallel, Alexandre da Cunha followed for about two years another banda ABC Call Transfixion who opened concerts for the German band Sodom, Napalm Death .

It opened in 1999 MX tour of Paul D’ianno (vocals and classical training of the first Iron Maiden). In the following decade, though still, the name of the MX was never cool, and the Carioca label Marquee Records reissued Simoniacal and Mental Slavery albuns with many bonuses and a booklet with a mini biography (in two parts), signed by Ricardo Batalha ( chief editor of the magazine Roadie Crew).

After that the band had a big gap in his career, returning only now, in 2012, with its original lineup, bringing, plus Alexandre da Cunha (drums and vocals), Alexandre ‘Dead’ (guitar, bass, vocals), Decio Jr. (guitar) and Alexandre ‘Dumbo’ (guitar and bass).

Still regarded as one of the biggest names in world Thrash – being cited as an influence by bands from around the world, among them, the Swedes Ghost – MX marked his back in a show packed alongside Sweden’s Arch Enemy at Carioca Club, in São Paulo (where they recorded the presentation that will be released on a DVD entitled to documentary and other presentations), and in 2013, began the season playing with the Germans in the Destruction Catanduva.

In 2013 the band promises many new features, among them the possibility of releasing the highly anticipated original album, plus other surprises.

Luciano Piantonni – Rock Brigade Magazine.